Friday, June 11, 2010

The Advantages of Ultra Sound

An ultrasound image can evaluate the nature and severity of an injury
to soft tissues, such as tendons and muscles, and thus determine the
next step in treatment without having to leave the office, or
recourse to costly MRI or CT imaging which, like X-ray,
exposes the patient to radiation. Ultrasound can "see" a foreign body,
such as a splinter, and can also see a needle, and so is used in
guiding injections, such as steroid, into tendon sheaths to reduce
inflammation in tendinitis, and joint spaces for treatment of
arthritis pain. Without imaging the needle may miss its intended
placement. Ultrasound can also detect change in blood flow, clot
formation or narrowing in arteries of the limbs and neck. For both patient and doctor, it is a great advance in sports medicine.