1) Is Managed Cared Creating Opiate Addicts? Among the unintended consequences of  Obamacare is a new epidemic of opium addiction. Read more at this link:

2) The Bitter Pill  There were more than 40,000 accidental overdose deaths  last year.Hence the doctor's dilemma. When a physician raises his pen to prescribe one of this class of opiates. he risks  accidently hooking a patient, Read more at this link:

3) The New Drug Crises.  The CDC reports that the relatively recent epidemic of opium-addiction is now America's fastest growing drug problem. The source of most of these opiates is not the foreign cartels, traffickers and drug dealers depicted in Hollywood movies; it is pharmacies fulfilling prescriptions written by often well-meaning doctors for Vicodin, Oxycontin, Oxycodone, and other opoid pain relievers.  Read More at this link: